Catch the Carrot update is here!

Brand new mode has been added next to the Classic carefully handcrafted mode. Bunny was dreaming of Carrots so much, that now he started seeing them flying all around and there’s one thing he can’t resist – to Catch them.

Update includes a procedurally generated game mode consisting of various hand crafted “Mini-Levels” leading far to the way of the Carrot.

Bunny interactivity and controls have also been altered making the mode unique, you will feel how much bunny wants to get the Carrot because of it automatically running forwards towards it, however, if you decide that backing up for a moment is better than you are able to do that just like in a normal Classic level gameplay session.

The score system has also been reworked and altered to fit both Classic levels and Catch the Carrot mode. You gain more points in Catch The Carrot mode the more you run forwards, which can be tricky and difficult from time to time.

Procedurally generated “Mini-Levels” include all the obstacles that you would expect in a normal game, however they don’t require you to stop and wait like they would in a Classic session. This means that you’ll see turrets and Dynamite that explodes on collision with wooden objects and the Bunny, but no collectable Dynamite, because Bunny has no time to stop – he has to get the Carrot and you have to help him achieve his goal!

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