FLS Press Kit

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Fact Sheet:

  • Developer: “majao games”
  • Publisher: “majao games”
  • Release date: January 1st, 2020
  • Price: $9.99, £7.19, 8,19€, CHF 10.50, 259 pуб
  • Availability: Digital Download
  • Languages: English
  • File size: ~2 GB
  • Contact: info@majaogames.com
  • Requirements:


      • OS: Windows Vista
      • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GHz
      • Memory: 4 GB RAM
      • Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400
      • DirectX: Version 11
      • Storage: 2 GB available space


      • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
      • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U 1.6Ghz
      • Memory: 8 GB RAM
      • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX110
      • DirectX: Version 11
      • Storage: 2 GB available space



FLS is a Scifi Sandbox Racing game.

It’s simple: Rings and Speed.

In FLS you get score based on your skills. Reflexes and accuracy are the most important to progress on the leaderboards. Reaching the top of the leaderboard can require a lot of dedication and practice, although the game is accessible and easy to pick up. The scoring system is sensitive to the slightest imperfections, always leaving you room for improvement.

Anyone can contribute to create the maps for the community with the easy to use level editor that is only limited by your creativity. Be challenged by others on the leaderboards of the maps you create. Compete on the maps made by others.

Improve, get creative, stay on the top and keep up with others!

And of course, there’s RGB. *wink wink*


Majao Games is an independent game developer started in 2018 by Marijus Jacevicius as a solo from Lithuania. The developer is currently releasing it’s second title called “FLS” – a Scifi Sandbox Racing game.

The developer feels proud to be able to release a second game, as way less games get finished than started. It takes a really long time to get into indie game development and get the skills to be competent in all the required fields such as programming, 3d modeling, games design, video editing, psychology and many others. “I have spent over 10 years to develop the neccesary skills for this game to be a thing” – says the developer. The wish to be able to stay on track and continue improving is what got the creator to this point.

The idea for the game was being improved upon for a long time, being polished and sticking to the core features working as good as possible. “There were days when I could hardly sleep, because of the constant flow of ideas for the game, but I had to keep it simple!” – says Marijus.

The creator is not planning to stop anytime soon, but to improve and go onwards with his skills and continue bringing new experiences for you.


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